Novel Proteins | Spain | pre-Series A | 2021

Plant-based meat reinvented

Novameat, a member of the European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods, aims to provide the next generation of plant-based meat solutions to feed the planet’s growing population, overcoming the current unsustainable and inefficient livestock system and contributing to create a healthy, efficient, humane and sustainable food supply. Novameat’s technologies give plant-based and cultivated meat manufacturers a wide array of tools to create different textures from a wide variety of ingredients, to mimic all types of meat and seafood and produce plant-based fibrous meat substitutes that are accessible, safe, scalable, and with customized nutritional values.

Praesidium led the 2021 pre-Series A round and will support Novameat in the company’s next phase of development, especially in scaling up production to commercial levels.